Siddharth Bhaiya - Managing Director and Fund Manager at Aequitas Investment Consulting Pvt Ltd

Siddharth Bhaiya - Managing Director and Fund Manager at Aequitas Investment Consulting Pvt Ltd

My guest for today is Siddharth Bhaiya. Siddhartha is the Managing Director and Fund Manager at Aequitas Investment Consulting Private Limited, a boutique investment firm focusing primarily on PMS and AIF offerings. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and the driving force behind Aequitas Investment and has over 20 years of experience into Equity research and Equity Fund Management. With Siddhartha’s multibagger and contrarian stock picking approach, Aequitas has delivered ~31% CAGR returns over the last 9 years leading to ~1020% absolute returns. He has been instrumental in taking Aequitas from a start-up to a $250 mn AUM with one of the best performance track record in the industry. He believes in generating outsized returns by investing in small cap undiscovered companies. With exposure across all market capitalization companies, he is a specialist in bottom-up stock selection. Siddhartha started his career as a Research Analyst with Sushil Finance and has worked with Stratcap Securities, Principal PNB AMC & Reliance Capital Asset Management (RCAM).

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Show Notes

0.48- 2.47 Introduction

2.48- 5.05 Why Siddharth’s bio says - “I am the next multibagger”

5.06- 10.31 Siddhartha’s life journey before starting Aequitas & what made him start his own fund management company

10.31- 11.54 Aequitas’s journey from getting its first cheque from initial clients

11.55- 16.58 Psychology of money & how to actually implement it?

16.59- 20.10 How can one learn to hold stocks even during drawdowns?

20.11- 29.26 How to identify multibaggers & consistently hold on to them for a long period to create wealth

29.27- 32.55 What does contrarian investing actually mean?

32.56-40.52 Detecting right cycles at the right time

40.53-43.28 Sectors/themes Siddhartha is bullish on

43:00 Why bullish on Infrastructure as a sectoral theme

43:29 How should individual react to FED hikes and recent drawdowns

49:55 Aequitas 5 year performance and how did Siddharth bounce back post Mar-20 drawdown

53:09 What did Siddharth learn from his mistakes about selling stocks early

55:44 Views on IPO listings in 2021 and if Siddharth likes any

59:10 Do as the promoter do - how to track promoter activity

1:00:00 Why should parents teach delayed gratification to kids

1:03:16 Stocks that changed Siddharth’s life - Bharti Airtel and Avanti Feeds

1:06:08 Why should investors NOT research ideas not in their valuation range

1:09:00 Why Gold should be part of investment allocation

1:13:44 We are in the business of making mistakes, not repeating them

1:18:00 Book recommendation for all - One up on Wall Street