S Naren - Executive Director and CIO for ICICI Prudential AMC

S Naren - Executive Director and CIO for ICICI Prudential AMC

My guest for today is S Naren. Naren is the ED and CIO for ICICI Prudential AMC. Naren joined the AMC in 2004 as fund manager and has worked in various capacities in the investment function culminating in his taking over as the Chief Investment Officer. He oversees the entire investment function across the Mutual Fund and the International Advisory Business. He currently manages some of the flagship schemes of the ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund. 

After obtaining a B. Tech degree from IIT Chennai, Naren finished MBA in finance from IIM Kolkota and worked with financial service organizations like Refco Sify Securities India Pvt. Ltd., HDFC Securities Ltd. and Yoha Securities in various positions prior to joining ICICI Prudential AMC.

Naren has many laurels to his credit. He is a leading voice on the Indian economy/ equity markets across the investment and financial services fraternity. Mr. Naren was also a member of the esteemed panel of invitees for the Honorable Prime Minister’s Pre-Budget consultation meet for 2020. In recognition of his work, various leading investment authors have featured him through dedicated chapters in their investment books. He is widely recognized as India’s leading Mutual Fund and Capital Market Investment Guru

Mr. Sankaran Naren is also a member of the Committee on Equity matters at AMFI.

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Show Notes

0.42: Introduction

3.00: Investing philosophy of S Naren over the years

5.51: Naren’s point of view on how global banks control the stock markets

9.04: RBI’s inflation view

11.03: How is the commodity led inflation impacting India and the markets

13.23: Naren’s approach to asset allocation

16.41: Thoughts on various asset classes

20.26: Views on Indian and global equities

22.10: Understanding value investing and avoiding value trap

26.18: Naren’s perspective on the metal sector from a value investing point-of-view

28.45: Naren’s thesis on the Indian banking sector

31.50: Retail participation in the stock markets

34.49: Thoughts on the insurance sector

35.56: Thesis on the real-estate sector and REITs

37.38: Learnings from Howard marks and Michael Mauboussin

40.17: Naren explaining his statement “Investing is buying, sizing and selling”

42.09: Naren’s view point on India in the next decade

44.29: Naren’s personal investing journey

47.19: Outlook on the new growth loss making companies

49.36: Role of co-fund managers in the ICICI Prudential team

52.24: Challenges of having a small child at home and improvement in oneself

54.38: Naren’s view on the different stereotypes that investors have

59.17 Advice to your own 20 year self