Raunak Onkar - Co-Fund Manager & the Research Head at PPFAS Mutual Fund

Raunak Onkar - Co-Fund Manager & the Research Head at PPFAS Mutual Fund

My guest for today is Raunak Onkar. Raunak is a Co-Fund Manager & the Research Head at PPFAS Mutual Fund. After a Bachelors in IT & an MBA in Finance, Raunak started his capital markets journey with PPFAS, over a decade ago. As an analyst he covers a variety of businesses & sectors and is a regular speaker at PPFAS' Monthly Financial Opportunities Forum series on Youtube (https://ppfasfof.com/)

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Show notes:

0:00 - Intro

1:29 - Raunak’s Journey with PPFAS

3:30 - PPFAS’s investing ideology

5:20 - Relevance of valuation and P/E multiple

10:04 - How can one build conviction in their investing strategy?

14:09 - Understanding “modern monopolies” and “moats”

18:25 - Navigating through the information overload

24:43 - Raunak’s views on behavioural investing and biases

31:30 - Why should one invest in global equities?

33:20 - How can a retail investor invest internationally?

34:30 - Learnings from analysing international equities

37:29 - Raunak’s outlook for Indian markets

40:44 - PPFAS’s notification on increasing exposure to smallcaps

41:38 - PPFAS’s risk management strategy

44:06 - The battle of Capex heavy v/s Platform businesses

46:40 - How does Raunak learn from literature and movies?

51:11 - How to journal your thoughts optimally?

52:46 - Reading books effectively and quickly

55:10 - An investing stereotype Raunak wants you to break

57:31 - Who does Raunak look up to?

59:45 - Raunak’s advice to his 20yr old self


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