Radhika Gupta - MD & CEO, Edelweiss AMC

Radhika Gupta - MD & CEO, Edelweiss AMC

My guest for today is Radhika Gupta. Radhika is Currently MD & CEO of Edelweiss Asset Management Limited. She is a graduate from the Management and Technology Program at the University of Pennsylvania (USA); with joint degrees in Economics from the Wharton School & Computer Science Engineering from the Moore School,

She has recently been elected as Vice Chairperson at AMFI.

Radhika started her career with McKinsey & Company, and then progressed to become a hedge fund manager with AQR Capital – One of the world’s largest Systematic Asset Managers.

She then moved to India to start her own venture named – Forefront Capital Management, an alternative asset management firm, which was acquired by Edelweiss in 2014.

A true global personality, having travelled across 4 continents, she is the founding President of the University of Pennsylvania Alumni Club, a member of the Global Leadership Council of the Management and Technology Program and a Board Member of the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI). A keen micro-blogger on Twitter and an avid Bridge player, her unique life story narrated in the video,  ‘The Girl with a Broken Neck’, has garnered over 1.8 L views.

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Show notes:

0.35- 2.35: Radhika’s Introduction

2.36- 5.42: Radhika’s life journey

5.43- 9.07: Habits that Radhika shaped by living in Italy

9.08- 12.13: Thoughts on the importance of community

12.14- 16.05: View on Indian educational ecosystem

16.06- 19.10: Radhika’s experience of starting the career by trading mortgage loans, Ninja loans, CDOs, etc.

19.11- 23.06: Experience during the financial crisis in 2008 in India

23.07- 25.26: What made her move to India from the US

25.27- 28.32: Learnings from building her own company- Forefront capital

28.33- 30.23: How she lost money due to poor asset allocation during the financial crisis

30.24- 35.03: Journey from becoming one of youngest CEOs & being lost initially to now completing 5 years in industry & feeling settled now

35.04- 38.5: How Social media helped Radhika so much in her life

38.6- 43.36:  How are Debt index funds a better alternative to FDs

43.37- 47.55: What does Edelweiss look at before adding any company to their IPO fund

47.56- 52.04: The myths of Passive investing

52.05- 53.55: Is the retail interest towards markets structural?

53.56- 55.48: How can one have a portfolio which is very simple with an element thrill factor at the same time

55.49- 56.59: One habit that can help in becoming a better investor

57.00- 1.02.11: What can be done to increase women participation in financial services

1.02.11- 1.07.17: The importance of mental health in a workplace

1.07.18- 1.07.51: What advice she would give to her 20year old self