Pravin Jadhav - Founder & CEO of Raise Financial Services

Pravin Jadhav - Founder & CEO of Raise Financial Services

My guest for today is Pravin Jadhav. Pravin Jadhav, or PJ is Founder & CEO of Raise Financial Services. He is known in the startup & technology ecosystem for building products from scratch and scaling them up from zero. Prior to Raise, Pravin was the Founder, Managing Director, and CEO of Paytm Money, where he built the product and company from zero to become India's largest investment platform.

In his previous roles, Pravin was Chief Growth & Product Officer at Servify, Head of Growth at Freecharge, and led product for Mobile and eCommerce at Rediff. He has 2 decades of experience across verticals like Invest-tech, Payments, eCommerce, Online Advertising, Social, Search, and Mobile.

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Show Notes:

0:00-2:27 Introduction.

02:27:00-8:54 PJ's journey.

08:54-15:00 What is PJ currently doing, how is it different from Paytm Money ?

15:00-22:49 How does PJ reconcile between traders & investors data sets?

22:49-28:52 How does Dhan's vision fit into the next phase of the broking industry?

28:52-33:22 How does PJ balance between the customer feedback and feature release?

33:22-38:01 Investor behaviour changes seen in recent times.

38:01-39:17 There are two applications by Raise - one for trading and other for investing, how does PJ reconcile and about branding?

39:17-43:59 Personal investment asset allocation of PJ.

43:59-49:14 Views on 'social meets investing'.

49:14-51:32 What makes PJ so active on social media? It's upsides & downsides.

51:32-58:50 How is PJ preparing himself ,being part of a startup, amidst the market slowing down ?

58:50-1:01:09 Breaking Stereotype according to PJ.

01:01:09-01:04:07 What advice will PJ give to his 20 year old self