Gautam Baid, Portfolio Manager & Author – The Joys of Compounding

Gautam Baid, Portfolio Manager & Author – The Joys of Compounding

My guest for today is Gautam Baid, author of the international best-seller "The Joys of Compounding" and portfolio manager at an SEC-registered investment advisor based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Previously, he served at the Mumbai, London, and Hong Kong offices of Citigroup and Deutsche Bank as senior analyst in their healthcare investment banking teams. Baid is a CFA charter holder and member of CFA Institute, and in 2018 and 2019, he was profiled in Morningstar's Learn From The Masters series.

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Show notes

1:55:   Gautam's professional and investment journey

10:19: How Gautam dealed with being rejected from 1300 jobs

13:12: How compounding works in areas apart from investing.

16:42: Human psychology which is overrated and underrated in investing

19:46: Psychological biases while managing money

23:16: Reasons why you should sell a stock

28:43: Investing mistakes Gautam has made

31:20: How Gautam journals his thoughts

35:56: Gautam's favorite books

38:40: Gautam's life and investing idol

43:50: Recommended Social media channels

46:54: Any advice to a 20 year old.

50:03: Gautam after 20 years

Book recommendations:

How to decide by Annie Duke

Getting there by Gilian Zoe Seagill

Seeking Wisdom by Peter Bevelin

All I want to know is where I want to die by Peter Bevelin

Poor Charlies Almanac by Charlie Munger

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