Andrew Holland - CEO at Avendus Capital Public Markets Alternate Strategies LLP

Andrew Holland - CEO at Avendus Capital Public Markets Alternate Strategies LLP

My guest for today is Andrew Holland. Andrew is currently CEO of Avendus Capital Public Markets Alternate Strategies LLP .  He  joined Avendus Capital from December 2016. Prior to joining Avendus, Andrew was the CEO of Ambit Investment Advisors where he built one of India’s largest and most successful Hedge Funds. Before that he  was the Managing Director – Strategic Investment Group for Merrill Lynch in India where he and I worked togehter for a decade.  Andrew was the Chief Administrative Officer and Head of Research at Merrill Lynch in India. He successfully built DSP Merrill Lynch to a top Research Broking House which got top ratings in Asia Money, Institutional Investor and Greenwich.

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Show notes:

01:36 - Why did Andrew move to India?

05:49 - Thoughts on India's longest rally without 10% decline

08:08 - Corollary with 2003-2007 capex cycle and FII flow into India

12:04 - Are we at the start of a capex cycle from the private sector?

14:55 - Misconceptions around Hedge fund investing

18:23 - How will the Fed's tapering impact Indian and global markets?

25:42 - India's green shoots and slowdown in global ecosystem

30:37 - Where are we in the "Commodity bull run"?

33:24 - Andrew's take on Valuations of Indian market

38:01 - Which sectors are overestimated and underestimated?

43:22 - Future course of action for Avendus Capital

48:07 - Andrew's best long and short calls

56:22 - Investment Stereotype Andrew wants to break

59:20 - Andrew's advice to his 20yrs old self