Aditi Kothari - Vice Chairperson of DSP Investment Managers

Aditi Kothari - Vice Chairperson of DSP Investment Managers

My guest for today is Aditi Kothari. Aditi Kothari Desai is the Vice Chairperson of DSP Investment Managers Pvt Ltd. (DSPIM). She also heads Sales, Marketing and E-Business and serves as a member of the Executive Committee. Aditi is passionate about the digitization of the financial sector and was instrumental in the launch of all DSP’s digital platforms. Aditi joined Merrill Lynch’s investment banking group in New York in 1998, primarily working on M&A activities in the Financial Institutions Group. Subsequently, she worked in DSP Merrill Lynch as part of the fixed income team where she and I worked together as well.  later she joined DSP Merrill Lynch Fund Managers in 2002 (now DSPIM). Aditi is a Trustee in the Hemendra Kothari Foundation as well as the Wildlife Conservation Trust. She is passionate about viewing and saving wildlife. Apart from being an Independent Director at Godrej Agrovet, she also serves on the Board of DASRA, a leading strategic philanthropy foundation in India.. Aditi holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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Show Notes

00.00-2.18: Introduction

2.19-4.15: Life Journey of Aditi kothari

4.16-5.26: What made Aditi enter Fixed income industry from Investment banking

5.27-9.17: Trajectory in mutual fund industry (How 90Mn$ fund turned into 1.2Bn$ in just a year)

9.18-12.53: How was the digital transaction platform built in DSP?

12.54-14.47:  Why DSP invested in smallcase?

14.48-18.46: View on future of digital platforms

18.47- 20.58: Which financial products have a high potential customer demand?

20.59- 23.11: Upcoming trends in the mutual fund industry.

23.12-26.58: What can be done to increase women participation in the financial markets?

26.59- 31.55: What financial independence actually means for women?

31.56- 33.19: Will the retail enthusiasm of directly investing in equities continue or will end with the bull market?

33.20- 34.36: Types of alternative asset classes

34.37- 34.31: Role of Aditi in philanthropy funds & trusts

34.32- 39.59: Advice to Aditi’s 20yr old self

40.00- 41.55: What motivates Aditi everyday?