Abhishek Goyal, Co Founder- Tracxn

Abhishek Goyal, Co Founder- Tracxn

My guest for today is Abhishek Goyal, Co Founder of Tracxn. Abhishek is graduate from IIT Kanpur, worked with Yahoo and Amazon before joining Accel and then starting Tracxn. In various avatars (Accel, Tracxn Labs & personally), he has invested in 100+ startups over last 13 years which included names like Flipkart, Delhivery, Rupeek, Gameskraft, Airmeet, and Lafz. We spoke about

-Indian Startup ecosystem

-Thought process before early investment in Flipkart

-Being in Fortune 40 under 40

-How it feels like running company with own life partner

I really enjoyed it!!

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Show Notes

  • 1:30: Indian startup ecosystem
  • 5:00: Sectors in startups to outperform
  • 8:45: Will startups be able to monetize
  • 10:30: Abhishek's professional Journey
  • 15:40: Getting funded by Ratan Tata
  • 17:00: Thought process before being an early investor in Flipkart
  • 21:00: Qualities you see in founders prior to investing
  • 23:20: Advice for investing in private equity
  • 26:00: Stereotypes while investing in private markets
  • 28:00:Startups listing in private markets
  • 29:20: How it feels like being fortune 40 under 40
  • 30:15: How it feels like to run a company with your life partner
  • 32:30: Any one investment which has excited you
  • 35:05: Learnings from companies which have failed
  • 36:35: Life idol
  • 39:12: Favorite Books
  • 40:00: Closing remarks